The Egyptian Museum in Cairo (EMC) Past and Present

Document Type : Academic peer-reviewed articles


The Egyptian Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the world and the first national museum of antiquities in the Middle East, had a long history of construction. Its story begins when Muhammad Ali Pasha noticed the absurdity that occurs to antiquities, especially by foreigners, whether visitors or residents in Egypt, and their acquisition and smuggling and hence, he issued several orders to reduce this. This paper introduces the Egyptian Museum through the western inspiration. In addition, it presents the history of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo display starting from the background history and the beginning at Bulaq museum till present. It also discusses the architectural description of the museum. Moreover, it also discusses the Egyptian museum management and the structure of the museum’s exhibitions. This paper lists the museum renovations and developments along 118 years. It also discusses the educational role of the museum. And then, it presents an overview about the future vision of the three great museums of Egypt. It ends by the current European project in the EMC, and some recommendations towards the future of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.