Mapping Industrial Heritage Sites in Egypt: Identification & Management

Document Type : Academic peer-reviewed articles


The emphasis in this paper is on analyzing the context of industrial heritage in Egypt. The context of Industrial heritage reveals identity, cultural traditions and memories of work, a fundamental part of industrial culture. It is a part of urban transformation in the city, and its planning practices.1 In the last 30 years, awareness of the importance of industrial heritage in understanding history increased, and the new definition of Industrial Heritage started representing meaning in our history. The industrial heritage in Egypt is an important point of analysis as it could offer economic, cultural, and social benefits to the community. The objective of this research is to examine the context of industrial heritage in Egypt and find effective strategies for raising awareness of its importance. The paper sheds light on the Laws and legal procedures for managing the industrial heritage in Egypt, and the ways to document the industrial heritage tools, devices, mechanisms. Then, the paper presents a management plan for the Egyptian industrial heritage that could contribute to safeguard, interpret, and promote such aspects of cultural heritage.